Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Gallery: 2018 Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

This gallery contains pictures and links to select videos from the 2018 2nd Annual Waikiki Steel Guitar Week and the 9th Annual Waikiki Steel Guitar Festival held on July 9-14, 2018. Additional Waikiki Steel Guitar Week and festival videos are on the festival's YouTube channel.

Video Gallery

Television Promotion
   Hawaii News Now Sunrise
   KHON2 Wake Up 2day
Tuesday Evening Concert
   Scott Furushima (Tuesday) - On The Beach At Waikiki
   Scott Furushima (Tuesday) - Nani Waialeale
Friday Festival Ho'olaule'a
Saturday Festival Ho'olaule'a

Please enjoy these videos for your personal use. Videography by Addison Ching ©2018 by HIMELE. VIdeos by Huana Productions LLC ©2018 by Huana Productions, LLC. All videos appear with permission from the respective performers.

You Tube Please visit the Festival's YouTube Channel for additional video recordings from Waikiki Steel Guitar Week and Festival events.

Photo Gallery

Television Promotion
   Hawaii News Now Sunrise
   Wake Up 2day
Monday - Thursday Evening Concerts
   Monday - NextGen Steel Guitarists
   Tuesday - Scott Furushima
   Wednesday - Greg Sardinha and Po'okela
   Thursday - Alan Akaka and The Islanders
Friday Festival Ho'olaule'a
   Friday Ho'olaule'a 1
   Friday Ho'olaule'a 2
Saturday Festival Ho'olaule'a
   Hula Show
   Saturday Ho'olaule'a 1
   Saturday Ho'olaule'a 2
Behind the Scenes
   Behind the Scenes

Please enjoy these photos for your personal use. There may be a slight pause as picture slideshows load. Photography courtesy of Addison Ching and Don Touchi. Don Touchi Photo photographs ©2018 by Don Touchi Photos and HIMELE. All other photos ©2018 by HIMELE.

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