Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Promotional-Hawaii News Now TV

Alan Akaka and The Islanders (Gary Aiko, Kaipo Asing) appeared on Hawaii News Now Sunrise (KGMB, KNBC, KFVE) with anchors Steve Uyehara and Grace Lee to publicize the 2015 festival.

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  • Setting up for the early morning segment.
  • Gary Aiko, Alan Akaka and Kaipo Asing setting up.
  • Getting ready for the sound check.
  • Getting last-minute instructions.
  • Sound check time.
  • More sound check.
  • Sunny greets the musicians. Sunny is television personality Grace Lee's pet and one of the Hawaii News Now Sunrise team.
  • More Sunny.
  • Sunny.
  • Sunny.
  • Sunny.
  • Sunny.
  • Kaipo, Gary and Alan enjoying a breakfast snack and coffee before going on.
  • Setting up with television personality and segment host Steve Uyehara.
  • Steve Uyehara reviewing the on-air interview with Alan.
  • Steve and Alan.
  • Getting ready for air time.
  • And, we're on the air!
  • Gary Aiko, Alan Akaka, Steve Uyehara, and Kaipo Asing.
  • The broadcast.
  • The Hawaii News Now Sunrise crew during a break: Howard Dicus with Sunny, Dan Cooke, Steve Uyehara, Grace Lee, and Billy V.
  • The Hawaii News Now Sunrise team is joined by Meteorologist Jennifer Robbins.
  • The second promotional segment featured Grace Lee describing the event in an adjacent studio with the band playing a musical selection.
  • The musical presentation.

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