Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Steel Guitar Exhibit

The Festival featured an exhibit of vintage and contemporary steel guitars from the Alan Akaka collection.

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  • Asher 2013 Electro Hawaiian Jr., Rickenbacher 1937 Frypan, and Iseman Acoustic Koa 6-string lap steel guitars.
  • 1929 Weissenborn Kona Style 6-string acoustic, 1937 Gibson EH-100 7-string, National 1938 Tricone 6-string acoustic and Canopus Weissenborn-style acoustic lap steel circa 2000.
  • 1990s Canopus 8-string, Weissenborn Acoustic, Gibson EH-10, and National 1938 Tricone 6-string acoustic.
  • Fender 8-string Stringmaster and Magnatone 8-string double neck.
  • Canopus 8-string double neck console, Canopus 8-string single neck console, Rickenbacher 8-string bakelite lap steel on a Mark Roeder stand, and a Sho-Bud 8-string Jerry Byrd frypan lap steel on a stand.

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