Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Behind the Scenes

Photos of festival guests, staff, and other non-performance moments.

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  • The festival's Featured Players.
  • Featured Players - Shaka!
  • Pomaika'i Lyman and Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Kaipo and Napua Asing.
  • Jeff Au Hoy and Maria Au Hoy.
  • Blaine Kia and Gary Aiko.
  • Bobby Ingano and Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Bobby Ingano and Mālie Lyman.
  • Danny Kaleikini, Owana Salazar, and John Berger.
  • Duane Padilla.
  • Eddie Palama and Ed Punua.
  • Kaipo Asing and William Maka'awa'awa.
  • Alan Akaka, Greg Sardinha, and Gary Aiko.
  • Jeff Au Hoy with Vanessa and Kala'e Punua.
  • Jeff Au Hoy, Mālie Lyman, and Greg Sardinha.
  • Jeff Au Hoy, Vanessa and Kala'e Punua, and Alan Akaka.
  • John Berger, Greg Sardinha, Jeff Au Hoy, and Bobby Ingano.
  • Keen Ching and Eddie Palama.
  • Owana Salazar and Gigi Takaki.
  • Owana Salazar and Francine Mamo Wassman.
  • Owana Salazar, John Berger, and Greg Sardinha.
  • Kala'e, Vanessa and Ed Punua.
  • Sandy and Greg Sardinha with Gigi Takaki.
  • William Maka'awa'awa and Bobby Ingano.
  • The sound engineer for the day.

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