Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Behind the Scenes

Photos of festival guests, staff, and other non-performance moments.

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  • The Abrigo Ohana (Timi, Quinn, Emily, Lanet) and Justin Alderfer.
  • Timi Abrigo, Quinn Abrigo, Emily Abrigo, Justin Adler, and Lanet Abrigo.
  • Bla Keohokalole, Alan Akaka, Casey Olson, Hiram Olson.
  • The Ke Kula Mele Hawaii ''Green Room'' with Gale Warshawsky, Kaipo Asing, Sid Pang, Kalyn Aolani, Alexis Tolentino and Lance Hylander.
  • Another Ke Kula Mele Hawaii Green Room Photo with Keen Ching, Quincy Maka'awa'awa, Mālie Lyman, and Sid Pang.
  • Last-minute coaching from Kumu Alan Akaka to Mālie Lyman, Gale Warshawsky, Cristina Villanueva, Sid Pang, Mark Prucha, Kalyn Aolani, and Alexis Tolentino.
  • Bla Keohokalole, Alan Akaka, Greg Sardinha and Gordon Freitas.
  • Bobby Ingano and Alan Akaka.
  • Bobby Ingano and Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Bobby Ingano consults with Jeff Au Hoy during a string change.
  • Jeff demonstrating that it's impossible to change steel strings without drawing blood.
  • Eric Keawe reacting to granddaughter Mālie Lyman's performance on the steel guitar
  • Reginald Davis, Gordon Freitas, Eric Keawe and Greg Sardinha.
  • Greg Sardinha and Mark Prucha.
  • KITV reporter/meterologist Justin Fujioka interviews Greg Sardinha.
  • Jeff Au Hoy and Alan Akaka.
  • Justin Alderfer, Alan Akaka, Quinn Abrigo, Emily Abrigo, Timi Abrigo, and Lanet Abrigo.
  • Justin Alderfer, Timi Abrigo Jeff Au Hoy and Pomaika'i Lyman.
  • Justin Alderfer, Timi Abrigo and Bobby Ingano.
  • Kaipo Asing and Quincy Maka'awa'awa.
  • Kalyn Aolani and Alexis Tolentino.
  • Keen Ching, Mark Prucha and Dr. Thomas Ching.
  • Live broadcast by KITV with reporter/meterologist Justin Fujioka.
  • Mark Prucha's parents and sister (with camera) at the festival.
  • Pomaika'i Lyman with reporter John Berger and photographer Michi Moore.

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